Back to school 2018-2019: Availability of textbooks in the city of Yaoundé

Our promises, we keep! The approved NMI EDUCATION / CAMBRIDGE school textbooks for the 2018/2019 academic year are available!

On the shelves of the bookshops, we can perceive among others; Les Petits Lauréats en Dessin -Coloriage- Peinture, Les Lauréats en TIC not forgetting the long list of the Francophone and Anglophone secondary textbooks.

A sense of satisfaction can be seen on the faces of booksellers who are now seeing their business take off thanks to the book publisher NMI EDUCATION/ CAMBRIDGE who is positioning herself as the veritable leader in the publishing, production and distribution of school textbooks in Cameroon.All approved textbooks of NMI EDUCATION/ CAMBRIDGE for this academic year are available in the market and parents are rushing to the different sales points and bookshops to get their own copies of these precious documents.

A stop in some schools confirms the effective presence of NMI EDUCATION/ CAMBRIDGE textbooks. A practical case at God Bless Bilingual School in Biteng, from the Nursery to class six (all) the pupils have their textbooks.

Also at Blessing Bilingual International Nursery and Primary School in both the English and French sections in Mendong, we can reaffirm the hypothesis of the presence of NMI EDUCATION / CAMBRIDGE textbooks in the market because, all the pupils can already boast of having most of their NMI EDUCATION / CAMBRIDGE books in the school national curriculum.

For parents who are still dragging their feet, run quickly to the nearest bookshop or any NMI EDUCATION / CAMBRIDGE bookshop to grab copies of the NMI EDUCATION / CAMBRIDGE textbooks to ensure your children’s success.

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